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Welcome to the world of Bostherri

The world itself is not fully explored by the people who inhabit it. The main continent known at this time is home to five intelligent races: The Ketch, The Laq, The Loth, The Tirin and The Syrr. As well as possessing their own towns and villages, the five also co-exist peacefully (for the most part) in larger mixed settlements.
This is not to say that some isolated communities are not slightly xenophobic in their attitudes to outsiders, but that overall there are no particular hatreds between the different races.

Land is generally plentiful and conflict over resources is uncommon, though such things occasionally happen. The five have some overlap in preferred locales, but there is sufficient room that new territory is usually available. Only in certain cases is there any contention.

The far east of the land mass is broadly unexplored; there is no historical reason for this, but common phrases strongly indicate a general belief that something terrible occurred there, will occur if people travel there, or that something terrible lives there. It is however true that those few who explore eastwards are generally lost to the five races forever. The very elite group who have travelled there and return have a peculiar difficulty in explaining what they have seen or found. The only thing these lucky explorers are collectively able to say is that the great mountain visible well within explored territory, is further away than they ever dare travel…

The weather follows a broadly temperate pattern; the landmass of the continent is roughly equivalent in scale to Russia, and lies close enough to the equator that northern regions experience a rather different seasonal cycle to the southern parts, which tend towards hotter summers and less bitter winters.

Main Page

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