Welcome to Bostherri

Bostherri is a little world I dreamt up a while ago, but never had a chance to play with. I had a plan for it, but that plan never really came to fruition. The Grand Idea was a world which the players helped to create on the fly; The races were bare-bones, the landscape a roughly drawn canvas. All I really had was hope and a scrap of plot to lead these imaginative explorers along, filling in bright colours as they went. But alas, no players wanted to take the trouble, no adventurers could be lured away from their dungeon delving.

So I am putting it on Obsidian Portal, where with luck I can at least work on it myself. If other people want to offer suggestions, I will hopefully have a place to display them at least. The absolute greatest result would be people willing to find a way to do this as I intended: an actual game, where a gentle direction is provided, but the scenic route is down to the players to fill in.

The Farthest Mountain